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Hot & cold and cook & cold bottled water or filtration cooler.

Inspirations® is a traditional bottled water or filtration cooler that is well suited for home or small office installations. It dispenses Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold water options through standard Tomlinson style faucets for simple operation. Available in black or white, the clean design will fit into any décor and provide years of reliable service.

Features & Benefits

High output refrigeration and heating system for optimum performance

Energy Star rated hot tank

for efficient performance

Tomlinson style faucets

with Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold options

Rugged HDPE cabinet

for easy cleaning and durability

Removable 2-piece drip tray

is easy to clean

Optional cup dispenser adds convenience

Model Options

Inspirations-Black-Front-IB215-New Lid.p

Inspirations® Filtration Cooler

  • Available in black and white

  • Dual mechanical float for enhanced reliability

  • Filtration ready on back of unit

Inspirations® Bottled Water Cooler

  • Available in black and white

  • Easily converts to filtration

No Leak® EZ-Fill®

Our no spill adapter for use with no spill bottle caps. Designed with patented technology to ensure that any pin-hole leaks in bottles will not cause overflow of the reservoir avoiding potentially expensive water damage.


Bottled Water

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