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Single-serve, countertop brewer crafts barista quality coffee and tea.

AquaBarista™ brews single-serve coffee and tea in about 45 seconds at the touch of a button. Designed for higher volume use, it withstands 40,000 cycles compared to home systems that only handle 4,000-8,000. Choose a pour-over or plumbed countertop model, connect with a float to the AquaHost® POU cooler or combine with an AquaHost® for a fully integrated AquaCafe® all-in-one system. Whatever your space allows, the AquaBarista™ offers an attractive, easy to use hot beverage solution for high volume applications.

Features & Benefits

Single serve coffee and tea, and hot water


for maximum versatility

One-touch hot water dispensing

to cook noodles and soups

Multiple cup sizes

to brew 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz and 14oz

A variety of pod flavors

satisfy individual preferences.

Touch Screen

for simple, one-touch operation

Insert cup, select cup size, press brew

for simple brewing

Sealed Controls

keep out dirt and liquid

Fold-down drip tray

accommodates a variety of containers

Auto eject feature

eliminates mess and touching of used pods

Integrated trash bin

holds up to 30 used pods

Use as stand-alone countertop brewer.

Combine with han AquaHost for a fully integrated AquaCafe all-in-one system.

Documents & Materials

(Coming Soon)

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