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Features & Benefits

Dispenses hot and cold water


for maximum versatility

Available in bottled water or filtration models

to accommodate any need

Easy-to-use touch pad

dispenses water at the touch of a button

Child safety lock for hot water dispensing

protects children from accidents

Removable drip tray

for easy cleaning. Height adjustment accommodates multiple containers

Elegant design

Compliments any décor

Elegantly designed water cooler offers bottled water, filtration or an RO system.

The AquaHostess™ dispenses both hot and cold water with a touch of a button on the illuminated touch screen. Contemporary styling will compliment any home or office décor. An innovative front panel lets you load water from the bottom – bottle simply slides in so there’s no more lifting. The same large area can also easily accommodate either single or dual eco3 filters or a reverse osmosis system. The AquaHostess™ offers the perfect solution for every water cooler need.

Bottled Water

  • Bottom loading water bottle

  • Convenient door allows easy replacement

  • Bottle simply slides into place

Filtration or Reverse Osmosis

  • Offers maximum flexibility

  • Large cabinet has room inside for single or dual eco3 filters

  • Easily accommodates a reverse osmosis system


Documents & Materials

(Coming Soon)

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