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Streamlined bottled water or filtration cooler with easy-dispense faucet.

Nexus™LXp features stainless steel cold and hot tanks to ensure that water is always dispensed at the proper temperature. The streamlined black design is accented with chrome detailing. Unique, easy-dispense single faucet and larger dispensing area makes filling oversized containers easy. When used in the home, the child resistant hot water dispensing feature helps prevent accidents. Great style and practical functionality make the Nexus™LXp ideal for home or small office.

Features & Benefits

Hot and cold temperature indicator


makes selection easy

Larger, elevated dispensing area

accommodates a variety of containers

Unique, easy-dispense single faucet

simplifies filling of container

Child resistant hot water dispensing

prevents accidents

Rugged HDPE cabinet

is durable and easy to clean

Gravity fed, high-flow dispensing on BW Cooler

speeds filling process

Dual mechanical float on Filtration Cooler

enhances reliability

Icon eco3 filters (sold separately)

Icon eco3 filters (sold separately)

Optional integrated cup dispenser

Optional integrated cup dispenser

Optional sealed hot controls

provide added safety

Nexus™LXp dispensing area features a unique, single dispense spigot for easy filling.


Bottled Water

Documents & Materials

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